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Driving Test Report

Car Rental for DMV Test

How It Works

Car Rental with at least 1 Prior Driving Lesson - $180

Car Rental with No Prior Driving Lesson - $300

Half ($150) must be paid at the time of booking as a non-refundable deposit to secure your test time/date, and other half ($150) is due at the time of pick-up

( Must have a DMV Scheduled Appointment, no Standby Option )

Best time to schedule your test is between 10am-12pm or Saturdays to avoid School Zone Times

Earliest Appointment time I except for car rental is 9am, pickup time will be 8am

I pick you up an hour before your scheduled test. We have 45 minutes to drive (hopefully to the nearest DMV), or we can always meet at whichever DMV, that way we have more time for a practice test. The last 15 minutes is for parking and then waiting in line to get checked into the DMV Drive Test process.

I provide the Key, Insurance, and Registration. 

( The only thing I don't do, is give a ride back home )

And you must already know how to drive confidently, 

please see Disclaimer at the bottom of page

If you are Over 18 Years Old - All you need for your Drive Test is your Learners Permit.

If you are Under 18 Years Old - You will need 3 Documents for your Drive Test;

1. Learners Permit

2. Your 50 Hours of Logged Time Printed & Signed

(10 or more of those hours have to be at night)

3. Online 30 Hour Driver's Ed Course Certificate

(Printed and must be notarized)


Additionally, if you are under 18, you must have a legal guardian meet us at the DMV for the check in process to sign paperwork and prove identity. If they cannot make it, then all your paper documents must be notarized. 

Disclaimer - The first 45 minutes of driving in the car, we will teach you what the DMV is looking for on the test, also we evaluate your progress and tell you how you are doing. If for some reason your handling of the vehicle is too rough, and it looks like you are making too many mistakes and won't pass your drive test. We will revoke the use of the vehicle for rental purposes and turn it into a 2-hour lesson. Payment will not be reimbursed, and you will have to reschedule your Drive Test appointment, because you are not ready to pass your test. Also, if for some reason there is an accident while on the drive test, that results in the Driver (As in You or the Student Renting the Vehicle) being at fault, then I charge a $500 dollar deductible for damages, paid to Teresa's Driving School. 

Let’s Drive Together

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