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Lesson Pricing

For Beginners and Defensive Driving

Each Lesson is 2 Hours Long

We pick you up at your Home, School, or Work

First Lesson is $150

Every Lesson Thereafter is $140

Other Service Pricing

Required Documents to Begin Lessons

Students Must bring their (up to date) Driver's Permit or Driver's License from the DMV on each Lesson. (See Example Pictures Below)

The temporary permit paper will also work. If your permit is about to expire, you can renew it before the expiration date and not have to re-take the permit exam.
I only accept Cash or Zelle payments, required at the time of Pick up/before each lesson begins.

Unfortunately I do not offer packages or discounts at this time. Students can take as many or as little lessons as they like, until they feel ready for their future travels!

Nevada Driver's License

Nevada Driver's License Example. Permit will look very similar. It will say (Instruction Permit) instead.

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